Sunday, November 14, 2010

Star Wars

Teenagers are sometimes perceived as rebellious and troublesome by the adults, and adults are often misunderstood as boring and overprotective by teenagers.This different judgmnent in looking at each other is caused by the age gap.Age gap is the obvious age difference between people.Age gap often lead to problems and conflicts in relationship between teenagers and adult.
One example in the long list of conflicts is having different expectation in life.Prents have many expectations on their children.At one point thy may expect us to be obedient,demenor successful doctor slash pious painter who marries the king’s lad.We are asked to think critically and creatively but when we voice out our opinion we are rude,if  we argue we are ungrateful.When we advise they starts to talk about heaven and hell.Sometimes they tend to shape their children to be what they fail to be whereas children have their own interest and dreams.In our young,inexperience eyes,they fail to understand that forcing us to be what we don’t  want to be can lead to mental torture and stress.This different way of thinking makes it difficult to communicate.This is where the protest begins.Children will have the perception parents do not value their individuality.Children who do not have the chance to voice out their feeling try other ways to channel their stress.Most of them engage in discipline problems.Some failed half way through college or university because they simply uninterested in the course they are force to take.Tell me how many of you here are force to take the science stream?Teenagers natural instinct is to be free,to explore annd try new things.This is further encouraged by the influence from,peers,media and their developing surroundings.Sometimes teenager’s outspoken nature is perceived as rude and insensitive.Children nowaday tend to be more vocal because of their early exposurre to the information technology world-the world without boundaries.Today’s teenagers are often more open towards  expressing  their  feelings  and opinion because they know their rights well.
Parents think differently from children because they are from a different generation.For example, our parents may not understand why we like to listen to hip hpo or dance shuffle for hours because during their teenage years they listen to a different kind of tune.Sometimes people tend to forget we possess different identity even we share the same bloodline.Our parents live in an era where keeping a harsh comment means you are polite.Girls should be teachers and boys should be engineers.They will never adit being in the enttertainment industry canpromise a good life.Why do people say parent know best?This is because they do know  best.They actually been there,done that.The reason why they say no is because they have already tried it and suffer big time.Why would
they allow the same mistake to repeat?Parents are over protective because they love us so much. They bring us to this world and bring us up hoping that someday we will be somebody useful. They can’t bear to see us hurt or upset. If we cry, they would cry thrice as hard. Imagine your new pencil. If it is broken or lost, you  will feel very sad, imagine a mother  who care for you what?15 years?17 years? Yes sometimes they don’t know how to show you that love. They hug less, kiss less. That does not mean that they love you less. If you still fail to understand then stop trying. Just love them . You will be happier. Never try to put yourself in their shoes as it wont fit anyway. The day you bring someone to this world is the day you will know how it feels. For the time being when they say no, imagine something bad had happened and they refuse to let it happen to you.
                In a nutshell, the age gap is the key to all misunderstanding adults and teenagers today, the true reasons of the wars between the stars as parents are from Venus and we are from Mars. May be if both planets can tolerate and respect each other ways of thinking we can build a better and tighter ties between parents, teachers and teenagers.  .SFBS

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