Monday, December 6, 2010


 e-PPDa? What's that? It's a kind of electronic competition which we have to make a power point competition in 2 hours only and then present it to the audience. My first time is to represent Johor in national level at Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. It was fabulous when I can see different perspective of a state in Malaysia. We stayed there about 6 days and the day after competition was shopping day. RM 300 fled just like that..Kelantanese is very pious and that is why we call Kelantan as Serambi Mekah. 
 Let me tell you about the competition, we stayed in a room and due to ICT problem, we  had to use our own laptop and the solution was we had to exchange in order to be fair. In case, we use Perak's laptop and they use ours. Then, 2 hours passed by. We were relieved when we manage to finish our job. Congrats guys!Now, the show time! Linda and I were the presenter and it was so scary as we want to bring something new in this competition and put a lot of new elements as we had to dance, "pantun" and even singing!Our turn is 13 I think and it was a very long journey in my life when we had to wait for the other states to finish (15 states including Putrajaya and Labuan). So tired! Then , we had presented and I was much more satisfied and we had done the best not just for our school but for our beloved state, Johor. Love Johor!Everything was settled at 11.50 I think and we went back to our hostel ( SM Sains Petra). 
 Lastly, we were brought to USM Kubang Kerian, Kelantan for the closing ceremony. It was so crowded with all the leader in e-PPDa's group and I was the one who present Johor. We sat in a group of dinner table. Unfortunately, my friends had to wait at other place..haha..poor them. The time has arrived! Third place is Terengganu, second is Perak and last but not least....Johor had won the competition and I was the one who took the trophy with money ( RM 500). Happy but at the same time our ICT teacher was not there. Luckily we had our caunsellor who had done a very good job to motivate us all the time. Good bye Kelantan!

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