Friday, March 25, 2011

......dalam botol?

I was so eager to watch this movie actually. It was produced by last year and because of certain controversy issues, this move does not be able to be published in 2010. The actual title is "Anu dalam botol" but it is changed because of the sensitivity of our society. America has taken this story as they found this was a very different and unique movie to watch. As they had taken it, I felt more curious about the plot of the story. I have watched the trailer and it was awesome! This makes me even more eager in case that I watched this movie after  extra class and as usual, I like to be the first person to watch it. Luckily I managed to do it even though it was at eleventh hour.
This story was adapted by a real story. The main character of this story is Ruby or his real name is Rubidin. The conflicts begin when Ruby decided to go for an operation to be a woman. He went to oversea as he wanted to satisfy his partner as he wish him to do so. After he came back, his partner was shocked and did not accept that Rubidin was totally changed. He wore like a woman and he have no penis as he really wanted to be a woman. I was stunned as this is a real story. How come he dares to do such operation which is totally painful, suffering and out of mind. Then the conflicts continued when he was left by his partner and he have to pay back RM 40, 000 to a money lender as he used the money to undergo such operation. His partner has  his money in the bank as he also has money problem and in fact he was a playboy. One day, Ruby went to his office and he saw his partner was kissing a man. Such disgusting! Then he was upset as his partner left him. He decided to go back to his village and asked for help from his parent. He was so brave to appear as a woman and his mother was crying while talking to him.

      He told his problems and his father was so really angry and did not accept what had happened. He asked him whether he is able to clean his body for his funeral day. He went back to KL as he wanted to settle all his problems. Next he wanted to get back his car from his partner but unfortunately, the car was sold. He begged to the man and he was left just like that. He let himself starved for some days and his friend came back and told him that his father was dead. Such a pity when his father wanted him to clean his body and he actually had prepared everything for his beloved son. He provided RM 60, 000 for his savings and asked him to get married. He took off his wig and become a man to attend his father's funeral. This is where the audience's mood become so emotional as we cannot accept that his father never hated him and he had prepared everything instead.

          The story becomes more complicated when a pretty woman named Dina  fallen in love with him. She totally loved Rubidin and they were going to get married. She told to him that she will accept any weaknesses that he has. One day, they decided to get married and this part was very gloomy. Me myself was very eager to know what will happen next and suddenly....his partner came to his house and brought a bottle that contains his penis. I was speechless! He also dare to show to Rubidin's mother a letter that show her son had undergone an operation. His mother felt so sad again and she found out that her son was left. White shirt was there untouched. He ran from his house and followed a taxi to anywhere the driver go. Dina's mother knew everything and tried to be patient but she failed. She tried to hide her feeling but she cannot to do so. The story ended and I think the real character still practice his usual life till now. Maybe as a man but this is his last phrase...''Mum, please forgive me and Dina, please forgive me". Think carefully before you do something because every decision you wants to make in life is your key to the future. I was so sad when the guests waiting happily to see the bride and her partner. Everything was set up and they were all very excited. What about if such a situation happen in your family?I hope it will not as long as we pray hard to the God. What happen to his life?You can think it by yourself. Last but not least, do not ever let the devil to decide any decision in our life.


  1. wahhh... Xpayah tgk cite ni kt wayang ar kalo camni. Hehehe...
    'Cinta itu buta??? yg bercinta itu yg buta. Buta hatinya' ;) :p
    ~kak pdah~

  2. Yup...hahah~sangala buta org itu..hasih...mengucap pnjng tgok cter ni kak pidah..HAHA~


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