Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tips to krabi and second day at Ao Nang

Hi guys. Salam. I will continue my journey at krabi for my second day with my friends. Aleep and Syafiq ruzi. Before that, we bought dry bag in case that we would want to keep all our stuff dry such as our gadgets and phones. Again, you need to know how to bargain well. We planned to get a package to go to 4 islands which it costs about 900 baht per head. That was the best price we could have and the journey started when we went to the sea. We went to four islands by using long tail with the other tourists and the view was really awesome. The weather was not that good as it was raining in the morning. It was a bless. The programme was still on and some pictures are uploaded here for you. Tips:
1. Use sunblock if you do not want to be dark after the vacation
2. Don't buy anything there and bring your own food
3. Be careful when snorkelling session
4. Be friendly as you will go as a group

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  1. Just wanna know something in more detail. And be careful to keep a detailed map along with you to reach places even when network in phone is not there. I made this mistake for once when I lost my detailed Argentina Road Map and faced many problems.


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