Friday, August 31, 2012

Be grateful people!

It has been quite a long time as I do not write anything in my own blog. Before that, I would like to congratulate a country which called as Malaysia for celebrating its Independence day (55). It was a long journey for a government to rule such a very dynamic, beautiful, historical and developed nation country. We have to be proud of Malaysia. Malaysia is old enough to be respected and loved. This is because we have been colonized almost 446 years before. It was long enough to trigger our mind and think forward before we want to find our politician's mistakes and shift to another government. Do you want a stable country to sell its stability to another party? No right? Think before you want to simply judge our government's ruling. We are smart enough to know who is wrong and who is right. Do not judge a book by it's cover as we could not assume everything just because a minor mistake. As second generation of Malaysians, we need to ask ourselves whether we are ready enough to accelerate our country in world stage. Sadly, not many of us are smart enough to do that as they were obsessed with some rhetorical ideologies for political purposes. Besides, prevention is better than cure. Do you know that actually we have formed unity long time ago? My lecturer had told me that we do not need 1 Malaysia slogan in order to build our unity as we already made it up. This is another aspect that we should be proud of old generation. They are mature enough to prevent 13 May of 1969 tragedy to repeat. Do not say that you know everything just because you can give your opinions regarding any political issues. Do you know that Malaysia is the only country who was formed by three main races in the world? That is one of the strongest facts that we have to compliment our government's ruling. No need to change our flag as we already declare our flag as "Jalur Gemilang". What for? Just to fulfill someone's mission? Answer by yourself. Tun Dr. Mahathir had said, "To gain independence is much simpler that sustaining independence". Our former Prime Minister agreed that we have to work harder in order to move forward and maintain our success in all aspects.
We are lucky enough to have some beneficial facilities to survive and not many of us are grateful enough to say "Thank you" Malaysia. Do not ruin our our unity just because of political ideologies because we already united long time ago. We just need to carry on our ancestors' tradition as maintaining the stability of our country. It is just my humble opinions and I hope all of you are wise enough to say "I'm proud of Malaysia". Malaysia Boleh!

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