Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Senarai dokumen (Pengesahan Jawatan)


1. SPP/K/002 - Pengesahan Dalam Perkhidmatan
2. Jadual Ketiga
3. Jadual Kelima
4. Ijazah
5. Surat Pengecualian PTM dr KPM ( seperti contoh surat dibawah )
6. Pengesahan Pelantikan
7. Tawaran Pelantikan
8. Tapisan Keselamatan (sekiranya ada)
9. Sijil Tamat EPSA 12 Modul

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SPP/K/002-Guna pen hitam & huruf besar
Tulis nama dan IC

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

How to speak in Thai (basic words)

In this entry I will share on how to speak basic words particularly in conveying messages:

Hello and good bye (sa wat dee krap/kha)
*krap is for men, kha is for women

Thank you-khorb kun (kob kun)

How much?-Gee baht

Where is- Yoo Tee Nai

I don't want- Mai tong gaan

Yes/No-Chai/Mai Chai


Can you reduce the price?-Lod noi dai mai

How to speak in Thai (lesson 1)

Hello guys. In this entry I would love to share on how to speak few basic words in Thai so that you might use it when you want to haggle for few things.

1-nueng (pronounced as neng)
8-paed (pet)
9-gao (go)

11-sib ed
12-sib song
13 sib sang

20-yee sib
30 sam sib
40 see sib
50 haa sib
60 hok sib

61 hok-sib edd
62 hok sib song

70 jet sib
71 jet sib edd

100-nueng roi (neng roi)
200-song roi
300-sam roi
400-si roi
500-ha roi
600-hok roi
700-jet roi
800-bpad roi
900-Gao roi
1000-Nueng Phan

Tips to Hatyai (2018)

Hatyai Itinerary trip 

Flight ticket Rm159 (Airasia)
Grab-Hotel TH 283
Hotel TH 1470/2-3 nights (Sittipong hotel) 
Booked by agoda
(Large room, clean, strong wifi and comfortable)

Review: It will take only an hour or less if you take flight from klia2 to Hatyai. The hotel is quite nice but if you prefer to stay at the centre of Hatyai, you may choose other hotels such as The Season.

Day 1
Hat Yai Plaza (variety of food and souvenirs)
Tuk tuk TH-20 to Kim Yong market (food)
Kim Yong -Songkhla mosque (tuk-tuk TH 200)
-The view of Songkhla mosque is really awesome
Songkhla mosque to cable car (grab TH 244)
Cable car TH200 baht per person
-Enjoy the greenery sight of Hatyai
Central festival (grab TH121)
Central festival to hotel TH 95
*You can enjoy the food and others as this is a big shopping mall
Review: Hatyai PLaza is actually a line of many stalls that offer food and souvenirs. If you are good in Thai, you can try to converse and get a lower price. I managed to speak a little of Thai and they gave us discount.
The view of Hatyai Plaza
Tuk-tuk to Hatyai Plaza

Day 2
Hotel-Magic Eye 3D museum TH 90 baht
Magic eye -TH 250 1 person
(It has 3 sets of combo  and it is preferable to choose set C including with the magic show. They have wonderful paintings)
Magic eye-greenway TH 80 
Greenway-hotel TH 92
Asean Night Market (walking)
Both places provide truckload of halal food and souvenirs

Magic Eye 3d Museum

Day 3
Hotel-hatyai junction TH 62
Train TH 50
Pdg besar bus station MYR 41
Bas kangar-tbs-MYR 50
Covert thai rm400

TH50 for one way yo Padang Besar

All in below 1k
Flight MYR 159
Convert MYR 400
Bus ticket MYR 50

1. Bring universal socket adapter.
2. Try to speak in Thai language (if you are able to do so)
3. Use grab, tuk tuk is quite pricy.
4. Use map. Some places are just nearby. List down the places so that you can go few places nearby.
5. Try all the food especially at Asean Night Bazaar. Scrumptios and cheap.
6. They will have National Anthem slot and you have to stand as the sign of respect. It will occur at 12 and 6 pm.
7. Buy Thai sim card (TH299) for internet access as you can get tourist package.

Visit http://journeyofexperiences.blogspot.com for more information (thai language and souvenirs)


Instagram : shxhrolfxhmie_sfs for photos 🇹🇭😀

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Real Hair Serum review

Hello, I am back. In this post, I just want to share with you guys about a product. It is from Thailand and it is also the best serum to enhance your hair growth on your desired places such as beard, eyebrows or beard. In my case, I just put it on my eyebrows. Well said, it is effective and you could see the differences from time to time. You can also visit SF Enterprise on 11 Street if the product is still available.

Oral b 3d Whitestrips review

Assalam and I am back with the review. Last month, I bought something for my teeth and it was Oral B 3D Whitestrips.

It is a simple product and it is just like using plastic braces. The result is real awesome! This is because I could see the difference of my teeth colour. I have to wait for about 11 days as this product is available only at Australia. The steps are simple, take out the strips from the box and put it on your upper and lower teeth. It will take about 30 minutes as you need to just stay calm. In fact, it is enamel safe and the best dental whitening kit I have ever used in my life. I have spent for about MYR 450 for bleaching process at one of the dental clinics in Batu Pahat but this product is just MYR 180 (including postage). You could also buy this product on 11 Streets by finding SF Enterprise. See you in the next post!

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