Monday, May 5, 2014

How to treat people?

 It has been a long time since I was so busy not to write anything for my blog. I just updated the blog for my practicum material as what I need to show to my pupils of 3 Orkid. Latest news, I just completed my practicum phase one at SK Perumahan Tampoi 2 as I met with a lot of kind people that called "teacher". I will write that special slot in difference space. Now, I just want to share what I had experienced the terrible moments with some people so called relatives. We went to Perak to attend a marriage ceremony and we were treated just like an ordinary people. As what I know, the wife of the husband (whom we know) is the queen of the house. So, any decision must be approved by her. We almost took 14 hours to reach Ipoh and we were so exhausted and surprisingly we need to go to the nearest hotel just because of some alien people who did not want to accept another aliens there. We spent our night by finding the food ourselves and I think that this trip was just like a holiday trip to another world of alien. We were treated not as a relative and why should we stay there. The journey did not end there. This is my main reason why I want to write this entry. At first, my instinct told me that I should not allow my family to even go there. Somehow, the destiny has been written. We waited almost about an hour for someone so called our relative to fetch us and bring to his house. Okay, it was just nice to stay in a hustle bustle city right in the middle of our country. Next, we entered the house and served with "Arabic" food. That was really interesting as I never tasted such food before. If you know what I meant. The drama carried on as the wife did not come out at all. Maybe she was too beautiful as a snow who could not easily meet any people even her own so called cousin. Yes, after some minutes, she came out, smiled and greeted us. What a surprise. I thought she was not even in the house. Maybe that is how you were raised and educated. Perhaps. Meanwhile, we were never told anything where to sleep, is there any pillow to sleep and not even conversing to each other. As a result, we were left to a small room so called their leisure room to watch movie with our pillow so called our bags to be the best comforter in the world for that moment. I forgot to tell that we also brought small children and they were hungry at night. Nothing could be done as you should know what I can write more. The wife disappeared just like that and there were some phrases that I kept in mind for that time. "This would be the first and the last to be here, to talk or to see such creature." I do not like to break the relationship but it just like a lesson to me and of course to my family. I live in a society that treating guests is our pleasure. We live in a community where we do not practice arrogance and pride. What can you get from that?Hiding behind a shawl as no one can see what is inside in our heart. Breakfast time. We were served by using the same rice that we ate yesterday but this one is called fried rice plus yesterday "arabic" food. I wrote this entry just to expose to people that people will treat you on how they are treated. 

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