Monday, May 11, 2015

Life as an IPG student .

  This year would be my final year before i work as a teacher. During my days, we just had one interview to be in the system. There are various words to describe about a student teacher as you will experience fatigue, confusion, and lots more. Some of you will be entering all IPG's all over the states as I should welcome you warm-hardheartedly. I have done my last practicum at SK Taman Bukit Dahlia as it was an awesome experience to deal with kids. They are adorable as kids are honest, love to learn and many more. 
  My programme will be ended on this November after 5 and half years of studying. We needed to learn the skills regarding on how to be a teacher whether you like it or not. You will know the term on BIG, PBS/ROSS and many more to come. All in all, you will experience 6 types of schools after semester 7. You will need to go to four different schools (based on your choice) as it will be a one week experience for you to conduct any experiment or assignment. As a teacher, the syllabus of IPG student would be definitely KSSR to be in line with the current system. You will be exposed with lots of sports skills, water rafting, survival skill and more. 
   Examination? You will experience it every semester and this is the system:


1. First class                :  3.75-4.00
2. Second class upper :  3.00-3.74
3. Second class lower :  2.00-2.99

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