Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Munafik Review

Alhamdulillah. I have watched Munafik at the first day of the show. I have chosen to watch at midnight movie as I felt proud to see the hall was filled with a lot of Malaysians. Well said, I am proud that we supported our local movie. I would say that Munafik is one of the best movies to watch based on my perspective as a human. As a Muslim, it would assist you to understand more about being redha and the real meaning of Munafik. In the first place, Munafik is a story about an ustaz called Adam as he met with an accident. It was a run hit accident whereby his wife was dead at the accident site. In that case, he felt so frustrated and isolated himself at home without going to the mosque and stopped healing those who have spiritual problems. I think I should not reveal the secrets behind but I will tell you more on what is happening later on. After that incident, Ustaz Adam felt so stressed as his son, Amir, was always talking about his mother. In other words, he missed his mother so much. Adam got a phone call. He needed to cure Maria (Nabila Huda) as she was possessed with something. The watchers need to keep on thinking on what is going on and more strange things happened eventually. What are they? You have to watch! In that story, one of the ustaz was killed as someone send his "ghost" and then everything will be revealed at the end of the story. You will see that Adam will dig again his wife graveyard and also bring it back to home. You will see some nails are coming out from Maria's mouth. You will see Maria to enter corpse freezer and something would come out. You will feel shock again and again and then you will know who is the hitter and who is the man behind all the mystery scenes. In the aspect of horror, I would give 3/5. In the aspect of cinematography and plot, I would give 5/5. In this movie, you will see a different view of a horror movie as islamic elements are inserted as the pillars of the whole plot.

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