Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sucker punch..confusing?

I do not know why I love to write recently. Is there any specific name for this disease?Haha. Sucker Punch? It is a story of a young girl who just lost her beloved mother and her step father killed her younger sister. This is because her step father did not managed to rap her. She was reported as a crazy girl and she was sent to a mental hospital which was so scary. Her step father paid a man to sign a letter whereby the doctor can vanish her memory by doing a procedure for a crazy person. This is a story precisely like a video game when the girl starts to imagine herself as a superhero. She thinks that there is a way to escape and she imagine that she had a very magnificent power and she had four friends who helped her. Her friends were Rocket, Sweet Pea, Blonde, and Amber. Her name was Baby doll.An action fantasy set in the vivid imagination of a young girl whose dream world provides the ultimate escape from her darker reality. Unrestrained by the boundaries of time and place, she is free to go where her mind takes her, and her incredible adventures blur the lines between what's real and what is imaginary. She has been locked away against her will, but Babydoll has not lost her will to survive. Determined to fight for her freedom, she urges four other young girls -- the outspoken Rocket , the street-smart Blondie , the fiercely loyal Amber  and the reluctant Sweet Pea  -- to band together and try to escape their terrible fate at the hands of their captors, Blue , Madam Gorski  and the High Roller . Led by Babydoll, the girls engage in fantastical warfare against everything from samurais to serpents, with a virtual arsenal at their disposal. Together, they must decide what they are willing to sacrifice in order to stay alive. But with the help of a Wise Man , their unbelievable journey -- if they succeed -- will set them free.

How much do you appreciate your destiny?

Have you ever thought to appreciate your life. Have you ever say thanks to the God by practicing HIS rules?Have you ever seen any people who have no hands,legs,sight,hearing sense and many more. Do you ever seen any people who have to take a lot of medicines to survive? Have you ever seen any people who cannot see this world as he or she undergone an accident? Me myself nearly lose my eye sight because my family had an accident when I was seven years old. The scars was still in my face as I am so grateful that the God still loves me. Do you ever think that our life is a kind of something that the God (for Muslims, ALLAH S.W.T) give us to test our faith? Some people will say that the God love more someone when HE takes back someone's life. Is is up to you on how you decide about it as no body can describe life for you. Life is abstract and unique. Love your life before you try to love someone's life because you will share your beautiful life with him or her. It is easy to share your life with someone?Answer it by yourself. The God will give you guides on how to    make some touch up in your life but who is going to do it?YOU.

Monday, March 28, 2011

You describe this kind of life..

This is a real story. It is about a woman who advised  her friend not to do something bad in her house and from that moment, the story begun. She fall ill and her condition became worse day by day. She had no appetite at the moment but her stomach was getting bigger. After that, the other parts of her body shrivelled and her face looked totally different. She looked like a grandma who is pregnant without a baby. She hardly walk and just laid on her bed. She was sent to a hospital whereby the doctor cannot do anything as they said she was healthy. She cannot talk too much as her mouth contract. Just imagine a pretty young woman transforms into an old grandma in a blink of an eye. What if your mother become like that?That is not the point but I want you to describe this life in your own point of view. Then, her siblings tried traditional way as she hoped someone can help her because she did not want to suffer anymore. Her brother met someone who can helped his sister but the devil came into his dream. "Do not disturb my job as you will face the consequences". He was shocked as he did not want to sacrifice his life. The time passed by as she really suffered. The  medical staff had scanned everything but they did not find anything inside her stomach. With the permission of the God, she died and I cannot forget when I saw her eyes. The devil managed to do his job as she suffered until the end of her life. No one can close her eyes as her stomach remained like that. I was afraid if something happened and her stomach burst at any time but the God still love her. I really hope that someone who did this thing will repent and go back to the God as she actually had killed someone's life just because of world matter. I just wonder if I have no opportunity to repent before my death day. Can you imagine if you are the person who have not ready to see the God and died in such way?You answer it by yourself. I asked someone who is expert in religious and she told me that" the God gave the permission to the devil to end someone's life does not mean that HE does not love his slaves. This is because HE loved his slave as HE does not want her to suffer anymore. HE also promised that HE stated that those who died in such condition will be promised a heaven and all their sins will be vanished. Another perspective of life.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do you think your life is decided?

Don't you ever think that your life is determined and fixed by the almighty God? We sometimes dream to have something that we do not possess such as luxurious cars, huge bungalows and many more especially regarding ourselves. We tend to be more perfect by taking care of our face, body and everything as we want the best for our life. In fact, we tend to think why the God does not give us such specialty. A person who lives in a luxurious state does not have to work hard as he or she will gain all the properties as a heir. Does he or she happy? You must be thinking that person will surely be happy but money cannot buy happiness as it will come to your life in your own way. You are the one who can give happiness in your life. Some people will be happy as long as they can see someone's smile but some people will be happy if they can see that person fail or die. This is the difference of a perspective on how we perceive happiness. The more you want to pursuit happiness by following your lust, the more you will suffer. Lust is something that can be a virus in your life as it will accompany us forever. It has been inserted to our body as a device to test our faith. For example, someone may feel nothing when he or she does not perform prayer at all as it can be something that can make that person becomes happy. It does not matter if you think that your life is decided to be happy or gloomy as you are the key of your happiness. Try to think happiness is everywhere as you can take it just like you can pluck any flowers in the park. Our life is created by the almighty God but we are the one who design it. So, it is up to us whether we want to put black or white ink in our life. Purity and evil are the most important aspect in our life. Repent is the most noble thing to do before we cannot stop   to regret.

How you expect from life and how you appreciate it?

Created by: SFBS
There are many ways on how to appreciate our life. Someone may say that he or she has been appreciated his or her life as long as he or she does not commit suicide. It does not meant it must be like that. The way you appreciate life is on how you do anything that is the best for your life. If you dare to commit sins, that is one of the ways you cannot appreciate your life. This is because your life will be in hot soup as you will not live happily in the second world. Have you ever buy any gift for yourself?Some people tend to buy expensive, magnificent and fabulous prizes just because he or she wants to give to his or her beloved one. Don't you think that your life is priceless than the others? Have you ever tell yourself that you really love yourself? You keep telling other people that you love him or her the most but how come you never tell yourself that you really love yourself. Do you ever waste your time to do unnecessary things?Your life is not as smart as the others if you do so. This is because life is not determined or decided by us. By anytime, the God will take it after HE lent us this life. It is up to us on how we perceive life and how we design our life because everything depends on us. Love yourself before you love the others, think of yourself before you think about the others and last but not least, appreciate your life is the key on how you will find life is........

Friday, March 25, 2011

Allah has planned everything

Do you ever think that everything happened in our life is a destiny?If not, you better think it again as you have to remember that a piece of a leaf will not fall down to the earth if the God does not allow it. For example, the God allow us to do bad things and HE gives the happiness without any suffer. This is called as a gift from the almighty God as HE just wanted to test our faith. The more property HE gives to us, the more burden that we have to carry. Have you ever think that someone died because of devil?That person suffered for many long time and no one can treats that person as in modern treatment, that person is totally healthy. Do you want to die in wearing ear ring (for men)?Do you want to die in an accident?Do you want to die in sleep?That is all you have to think about when the God actually had planned everything whether it is good or slightly bad just because for our goodness. If we think we are not like what we want to be, do not be worried as the God will help you one day. Just be grateful and obey with HIS rules as HE will protect us with HIS blessing. May all of us will be blessed every seconds in our life.Amin...

Do not be too proud of yourself and do not ever proud in making bad things?

I just read some comments in facebook whereby I found there are some people who too proud of him/herself in doing bad things. Oh my God!How can that person be so brave to post it and It is kind of disgusting when that person become another person and hypocrite. I do not think that the person will change as that person finds life is him/hers. That person just do what ever he/she likes because he/she is too proud of what he/she has. A good appearance or materials does not guarantee anything as you will die one day and you will leave it to be eaten by worms. Such a sarcastic warning but this is what we have to do. Advice is the best way even though it is indirectly process. I was shocked and speechless when someone dares to show off to break the God's rules.

......dalam botol?

I was so eager to watch this movie actually. It was produced by last year and because of certain controversy issues, this move does not be able to be published in 2010. The actual title is "Anu dalam botol" but it is changed because of the sensitivity of our society. America has taken this story as they found this was a very different and unique movie to watch. As they had taken it, I felt more curious about the plot of the story. I have watched the trailer and it was awesome! This makes me even more eager in case that I watched this movie after  extra class and as usual, I like to be the first person to watch it. Luckily I managed to do it even though it was at eleventh hour.
This story was adapted by a real story. The main character of this story is Ruby or his real name is Rubidin. The conflicts begin when Ruby decided to go for an operation to be a woman. He went to oversea as he wanted to satisfy his partner as he wish him to do so. After he came back, his partner was shocked and did not accept that Rubidin was totally changed. He wore like a woman and he have no penis as he really wanted to be a woman. I was stunned as this is a real story. How come he dares to do such operation which is totally painful, suffering and out of mind. Then the conflicts continued when he was left by his partner and he have to pay back RM 40, 000 to a money lender as he used the money to undergo such operation. His partner has  his money in the bank as he also has money problem and in fact he was a playboy. One day, Ruby went to his office and he saw his partner was kissing a man. Such disgusting! Then he was upset as his partner left him. He decided to go back to his village and asked for help from his parent. He was so brave to appear as a woman and his mother was crying while talking to him.

      He told his problems and his father was so really angry and did not accept what had happened. He asked him whether he is able to clean his body for his funeral day. He went back to KL as he wanted to settle all his problems. Next he wanted to get back his car from his partner but unfortunately, the car was sold. He begged to the man and he was left just like that. He let himself starved for some days and his friend came back and told him that his father was dead. Such a pity when his father wanted him to clean his body and he actually had prepared everything for his beloved son. He provided RM 60, 000 for his savings and asked him to get married. He took off his wig and become a man to attend his father's funeral. This is where the audience's mood become so emotional as we cannot accept that his father never hated him and he had prepared everything instead.

          The story becomes more complicated when a pretty woman named Dina  fallen in love with him. She totally loved Rubidin and they were going to get married. She told to him that she will accept any weaknesses that he has. One day, they decided to get married and this part was very gloomy. Me myself was very eager to know what will happen next and suddenly....his partner came to his house and brought a bottle that contains his penis. I was speechless! He also dare to show to Rubidin's mother a letter that show her son had undergone an operation. His mother felt so sad again and she found out that her son was left. White shirt was there untouched. He ran from his house and followed a taxi to anywhere the driver go. Dina's mother knew everything and tried to be patient but she failed. She tried to hide her feeling but she cannot to do so. The story ended and I think the real character still practice his usual life till now. Maybe as a man but this is his last phrase...''Mum, please forgive me and Dina, please forgive me". Think carefully before you do something because every decision you wants to make in life is your key to the future. I was so sad when the guests waiting happily to see the bride and her partner. Everything was set up and they were all very excited. What about if such a situation happen in your family?I hope it will not as long as we pray hard to the God. What happen to his life?You can think it by yourself. Last but not least, do not ever let the devil to decide any decision in our life.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Everybody has different kind of perspective in life

Life is a medium to evaluate yourself. If you find that your life is boring, you will never become satisfy with your life and if you find that your life is very meaningful, you will always say thanks to the God. This is because I assume every single seconds of my life is very priceless as I do not want to ruin my self by thinking unnecessary things. All of us has a brain with mind. That is the difference between us and animals. A person may think that he or she afraid for being alone and no one wants to be his or her friend. That is not true. We are created to be independent and try to think if we are alone. The God is not so cruel to let our life to be empty because time will help us to face it. As usual, everything was set up to allow ourselves whether we can adapt to a particular situation or not. For example, if you have a group of people whom you called as friend, then you leave them for a some time. What do you think? It must be kind of weird if you do not feel anything as you will feel alone and isolated. It is true that it is sad situation but how about if the God take all people whom you love in just a minute? This is called a test. You will find that the God is very bad but it is actually your fault if you do not try to think about it and never think how a situation or an event that happened in your life as a subject to think. Sometimes, we find that life is unfair. So am I. This is because somebody gets what we want in a simpler way and we get it in hard way. That is life. People tend to be more obvious in making wrong decision when they cannot control and manage their emotion. That is why people simply assassinate a baby and dump it to the garbage. What kind of humans they are?


Nowadays, people seem to talk about tsunami in Japan. I find that it is a warn from the God to show that humans are very weak as HE can simply destroy us as simple as ABC. This is because Japan is known as a developing country and it is equipped with a lot of innovations. The power of the God is surely not as the same level as human and that is what we should think about. Everyone will die and we have to pray that we will die in faith what ever religion that we follow. Do you want to die in club?Hotel?Car?Bath room or in a drain?Sometimes we enjoy too much as we did not realize that life is very short as this earth is extremely old. Hopefully we still can open our eyes tomorrow and hear the heart beat of our heart. I have read about the tsunami in Japan and I respect to Japanese who are very patience, respectful and manage to control their emotion. No police was seen to control them as the are used to that kind of situation.I hope they will be more stronger as the God will never ignore them. Every cloud has a silver lining for sure.

Happiness sometimes a test from the God

At one point, I cannot stare at that person's face as I cannot forget what that person has done to me. Time will change it as I do not want to see hatred in my life as it is known as dark side to me. Happiness does not mean that the God simply give to you. At one point you deserve it but at one point you will find that it is a test from the God. This is because your happiness cannot lasting permanently as you wish. Just imagine you can play around with your best friends but five minutes after that you find that you had lost him or her. Just in a blink of eye. Accident, disease, infection, tsunami and many more. We cannot ask the God to stop it as I said happiness can be classified as test as well. Enjoy yourself as you cannot enjoy it too much. Remember that (for Muslims) this world is a temporary place for us as we have to continue our life permanently in Akhirat. Go to class alone, shop alone, study alone and many more to be alone is not a strange thing in my life as I find that I appreciate my life more than before. I do not want to be sad because of other people as I have experienced it so many times before. Happiness is an abstract as love. For example, someone who is laughing and looks very cheerful can be expected to be happy. However, he or she the one who experience it. Maybe deep in his or her feeling, that person is badly crying.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who is your best friend?

Recently, I love to be alone as I found that I cannot find a true friend who really satisfy myself to be considered as my best friend. I just want to be fair to my self as I want the best for my self. Sometimes, I assume that person as my best friend but my expectation is totally wrong. That person just expect me as a little kid as that person can use me at any time. There are many types of people that I found in my life. Bossy, diva, boastful, selfish, hypocrite, "budget", and many more. Same goes to all of you. I just want to share a story where I just wanted to help a person in case that person need to go somewhere. An incident was happened when I felt so sad. That person really surprised me by giving something in  very rude way and does not even glance at me. Imagine when a person wants to give you something by throwing?For example, your friend wants to give you his or her watch. Suddenly that person throw it to you just like that. How do you feel?The person who asks you for help do not even say thanks. What kind of people you are?Maybe that person is very lucky to possess anything that he or she wants but one day you will find that what you give will be returned back to you.

Is that cruel?

The more you live, the more you will find how your life is. Sometimes I think that we are too kind to someone as we do not care much about our own feeling as we want to make them happy. However, it will ruin yourself as you will find that your life is very useless. You just think about the others but at the same time you forget about your own body. You forget to say thanks to yourself and never tell yourself that you love yourself. This is because you seems to do anything as you can to satisfy that person until you forget that you are used by that particular person. Some people do not realize that many of us nowadays like to be parasite in any situation. They will only need you when they have problems but they will forget you when they have their own happiness. It just as same as friends. They can only use us for their importance as they never think about our feeling. Human being always has a kind-hearted but in my life I met more CRUEL people whether male or female. Sometimes we have to admit that some people have their  own life before but it does not mean that you have to be boastful all the time and think that you are the best all the time. 


There are many stories that happened in this month but I was so busy to post anything about it...as a trainee teacher, we have our first examination (mock exam) and it has passed successfully..
Actually, examination is not the main thing that I want to highlight but I want to share to all the readers about  my experience about people. I was stunned as I met a Muslim who does not pray at all..this is not to embarrass someone but I just want to  express my feeling. How come a Muslim does not pray at all?If you are the one who practice this, you have to think twice. You know what, the sins are very huge as you have to repent as soon as possible. It is better to be honest than becoming a hypocrite person who admit something that is not. We have to think that our God knows everything and HE has planned everything very well as HE never makes mistakes. Besides, I can reveal everything about people around me who are very selfish, pretender and many more. Life will train our brain to think more and more. Why that situation happened to you and it actually reflects ourselves. The more you think, the more you will love you God. Believe me as you will find that a mistake can be a very good lesson to you.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Speak now

I am not the kind of girl,
Who should be rudely bargin’ in on a white veil occasion,
But you are not the kind of boy,
Who should be marryin’ the wrong girl,

I sneak in and see your friends,
And her snotty little family, all dressed in pastel,
And she is yelling at a bridesmaid,
Somewhere back inside a room,
Wearing a gown shaped like a pastry,
This is surely not what you thought it would be,
I loose myself in a daydream,
Where I stand and say:

“Don’t say yes, run away now,
I’ll meet you when you’re out,
Of the church at the back door,
Don’t wait or say a single vow,
You need to hear me out,”
And they said, “Speak now,”

Fun gestures are exchanged,
And the organ starts to play
A song that sounds like a death march,
And I am hiding in the curtains,
It seems I was uninvited by your lovely bride-to-be,
She floats down the isle like a pageant queen,
But I know you wish it was me,
You wish it was me, don’t you?

Don’t say yes, run away now,
I’ll meet you when you’re out,
Of the church at the back door,
Don’t wait or say a single vow,
You need to hear me out,
And they said, “Speak now,”

Don’t say yes, run away now,
I’ll meet you when you’re out,
Of the church at the back door,
Don’t wait or say a single vow,
Your time is running out,
And they said, “Speak now,”

I hear the preacher say,
“Speak now or forever hold your peace,”
There’s a silence, there’s my last chance,
I stand up with shaking hands,
All eyes on me,
Horrified looks from everyone in the room,
But I’m only lookin’ at you,

I am not the kind of girl,
Who should be rudely bargin’ in on a white veil occasion,
But you are not the kind of boy,
Who should be marryin’ the wrong girl,

So don’t say yes, run away now,
I’ll meet you when you’re out,
Of the church at the back door,
Don’t wait or say a single vow,
You need to hear me out,
And they said, “Speak now,”

And you say,
“Let’s run away now,
I’ll meet you when I’m out of my tux at the back door,
Baby, I didn’t say my vows,
So glad you were around when they said, ‘Speak now,’”

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