Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happiness sometimes a test from the God

At one point, I cannot stare at that person's face as I cannot forget what that person has done to me. Time will change it as I do not want to see hatred in my life as it is known as dark side to me. Happiness does not mean that the God simply give to you. At one point you deserve it but at one point you will find that it is a test from the God. This is because your happiness cannot lasting permanently as you wish. Just imagine you can play around with your best friends but five minutes after that you find that you had lost him or her. Just in a blink of eye. Accident, disease, infection, tsunami and many more. We cannot ask the God to stop it as I said happiness can be classified as test as well. Enjoy yourself as you cannot enjoy it too much. Remember that (for Muslims) this world is a temporary place for us as we have to continue our life permanently in Akhirat. Go to class alone, shop alone, study alone and many more to be alone is not a strange thing in my life as I find that I appreciate my life more than before. I do not want to be sad because of other people as I have experienced it so many times before. Happiness is an abstract as love. For example, someone who is laughing and looks very cheerful can be expected to be happy. However, he or she the one who experience it. Maybe deep in his or her feeling, that person is badly crying.

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