Thursday, March 24, 2011

Everybody has different kind of perspective in life

Life is a medium to evaluate yourself. If you find that your life is boring, you will never become satisfy with your life and if you find that your life is very meaningful, you will always say thanks to the God. This is because I assume every single seconds of my life is very priceless as I do not want to ruin my self by thinking unnecessary things. All of us has a brain with mind. That is the difference between us and animals. A person may think that he or she afraid for being alone and no one wants to be his or her friend. That is not true. We are created to be independent and try to think if we are alone. The God is not so cruel to let our life to be empty because time will help us to face it. As usual, everything was set up to allow ourselves whether we can adapt to a particular situation or not. For example, if you have a group of people whom you called as friend, then you leave them for a some time. What do you think? It must be kind of weird if you do not feel anything as you will feel alone and isolated. It is true that it is sad situation but how about if the God take all people whom you love in just a minute? This is called a test. You will find that the God is very bad but it is actually your fault if you do not try to think about it and never think how a situation or an event that happened in your life as a subject to think. Sometimes, we find that life is unfair. So am I. This is because somebody gets what we want in a simpler way and we get it in hard way. That is life. People tend to be more obvious in making wrong decision when they cannot control and manage their emotion. That is why people simply assassinate a baby and dump it to the garbage. What kind of humans they are?

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