Friday, March 25, 2011

Allah has planned everything

Do you ever think that everything happened in our life is a destiny?If not, you better think it again as you have to remember that a piece of a leaf will not fall down to the earth if the God does not allow it. For example, the God allow us to do bad things and HE gives the happiness without any suffer. This is called as a gift from the almighty God as HE just wanted to test our faith. The more property HE gives to us, the more burden that we have to carry. Have you ever think that someone died because of devil?That person suffered for many long time and no one can treats that person as in modern treatment, that person is totally healthy. Do you want to die in wearing ear ring (for men)?Do you want to die in an accident?Do you want to die in sleep?That is all you have to think about when the God actually had planned everything whether it is good or slightly bad just because for our goodness. If we think we are not like what we want to be, do not be worried as the God will help you one day. Just be grateful and obey with HIS rules as HE will protect us with HIS blessing. May all of us will be blessed every seconds in our life.Amin...

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