Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do you think your life is decided?

Don't you ever think that your life is determined and fixed by the almighty God? We sometimes dream to have something that we do not possess such as luxurious cars, huge bungalows and many more especially regarding ourselves. We tend to be more perfect by taking care of our face, body and everything as we want the best for our life. In fact, we tend to think why the God does not give us such specialty. A person who lives in a luxurious state does not have to work hard as he or she will gain all the properties as a heir. Does he or she happy? You must be thinking that person will surely be happy but money cannot buy happiness as it will come to your life in your own way. You are the one who can give happiness in your life. Some people will be happy as long as they can see someone's smile but some people will be happy if they can see that person fail or die. This is the difference of a perspective on how we perceive happiness. The more you want to pursuit happiness by following your lust, the more you will suffer. Lust is something that can be a virus in your life as it will accompany us forever. It has been inserted to our body as a device to test our faith. For example, someone may feel nothing when he or she does not perform prayer at all as it can be something that can make that person becomes happy. It does not matter if you think that your life is decided to be happy or gloomy as you are the key of your happiness. Try to think happiness is everywhere as you can take it just like you can pluck any flowers in the park. Our life is created by the almighty God but we are the one who design it. So, it is up to us whether we want to put black or white ink in our life. Purity and evil are the most important aspect in our life. Repent is the most noble thing to do before we cannot stop   to regret.

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