Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is that cruel?

The more you live, the more you will find how your life is. Sometimes I think that we are too kind to someone as we do not care much about our own feeling as we want to make them happy. However, it will ruin yourself as you will find that your life is very useless. You just think about the others but at the same time you forget about your own body. You forget to say thanks to yourself and never tell yourself that you love yourself. This is because you seems to do anything as you can to satisfy that person until you forget that you are used by that particular person. Some people do not realize that many of us nowadays like to be parasite in any situation. They will only need you when they have problems but they will forget you when they have their own happiness. It just as same as friends. They can only use us for their importance as they never think about our feeling. Human being always has a kind-hearted but in my life I met more CRUEL people whether male or female. Sometimes we have to admit that some people have their  own life before but it does not mean that you have to be boastful all the time and think that you are the best all the time. 

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