Thursday, March 24, 2011


Nowadays, people seem to talk about tsunami in Japan. I find that it is a warn from the God to show that humans are very weak as HE can simply destroy us as simple as ABC. This is because Japan is known as a developing country and it is equipped with a lot of innovations. The power of the God is surely not as the same level as human and that is what we should think about. Everyone will die and we have to pray that we will die in faith what ever religion that we follow. Do you want to die in club?Hotel?Car?Bath room or in a drain?Sometimes we enjoy too much as we did not realize that life is very short as this earth is extremely old. Hopefully we still can open our eyes tomorrow and hear the heart beat of our heart. I have read about the tsunami in Japan and I respect to Japanese who are very patience, respectful and manage to control their emotion. No police was seen to control them as the are used to that kind of situation.I hope they will be more stronger as the God will never ignore them. Every cloud has a silver lining for sure.

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