Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who is your best friend?

Recently, I love to be alone as I found that I cannot find a true friend who really satisfy myself to be considered as my best friend. I just want to be fair to my self as I want the best for my self. Sometimes, I assume that person as my best friend but my expectation is totally wrong. That person just expect me as a little kid as that person can use me at any time. There are many types of people that I found in my life. Bossy, diva, boastful, selfish, hypocrite, "budget", and many more. Same goes to all of you. I just want to share a story where I just wanted to help a person in case that person need to go somewhere. An incident was happened when I felt so sad. That person really surprised me by giving something in  very rude way and does not even glance at me. Imagine when a person wants to give you something by throwing?For example, your friend wants to give you his or her watch. Suddenly that person throw it to you just like that. How do you feel?The person who asks you for help do not even say thanks. What kind of people you are?Maybe that person is very lucky to possess anything that he or she wants but one day you will find that what you give will be returned back to you.

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