Sunday, March 27, 2011

How you expect from life and how you appreciate it?

Created by: SFBS
There are many ways on how to appreciate our life. Someone may say that he or she has been appreciated his or her life as long as he or she does not commit suicide. It does not meant it must be like that. The way you appreciate life is on how you do anything that is the best for your life. If you dare to commit sins, that is one of the ways you cannot appreciate your life. This is because your life will be in hot soup as you will not live happily in the second world. Have you ever buy any gift for yourself?Some people tend to buy expensive, magnificent and fabulous prizes just because he or she wants to give to his or her beloved one. Don't you think that your life is priceless than the others? Have you ever tell yourself that you really love yourself? You keep telling other people that you love him or her the most but how come you never tell yourself that you really love yourself. Do you ever waste your time to do unnecessary things?Your life is not as smart as the others if you do so. This is because life is not determined or decided by us. By anytime, the God will take it after HE lent us this life. It is up to us on how we perceive life and how we design our life because everything depends on us. Love yourself before you love the others, think of yourself before you think about the others and last but not least, appreciate your life is the key on how you will find life is........


  1. i love myself very much... huhuhu.. thankful i'm still alive...

  2. Yup...Thanks to the almighty God, ALLAH S.W.T..


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