Friday, March 25, 2011

Do not be too proud of yourself and do not ever proud in making bad things?

I just read some comments in facebook whereby I found there are some people who too proud of him/herself in doing bad things. Oh my God!How can that person be so brave to post it and It is kind of disgusting when that person become another person and hypocrite. I do not think that the person will change as that person finds life is him/hers. That person just do what ever he/she likes because he/she is too proud of what he/she has. A good appearance or materials does not guarantee anything as you will die one day and you will leave it to be eaten by worms. Such a sarcastic warning but this is what we have to do. Advice is the best way even though it is indirectly process. I was shocked and speechless when someone dares to show off to break the God's rules.

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