Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How much do you appreciate your destiny?

Have you ever thought to appreciate your life. Have you ever say thanks to the God by practicing HIS rules?Have you ever seen any people who have no hands,legs,sight,hearing sense and many more. Do you ever seen any people who have to take a lot of medicines to survive? Have you ever seen any people who cannot see this world as he or she undergone an accident? Me myself nearly lose my eye sight because my family had an accident when I was seven years old. The scars was still in my face as I am so grateful that the God still loves me. Do you ever think that our life is a kind of something that the God (for Muslims, ALLAH S.W.T) give us to test our faith? Some people will say that the God love more someone when HE takes back someone's life. Is is up to you on how you decide about it as no body can describe life for you. Life is abstract and unique. Love your life before you try to love someone's life because you will share your beautiful life with him or her. It is easy to share your life with someone?Answer it by yourself. The God will give you guides on how to    make some touch up in your life but who is going to do it?YOU.


  1. felt sad when i read ur post...thanx cz make me so appreciate with my life :D

  2. Yup...most welcome...appreciate your life while you can and the time will help you..

  3. Most welcome...as human being..lets remind each other :)


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