Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to plant a sunflower? Year 3-KSSR

Instruction: Read the dialogue with correct pronunciation and intonation.

LS: 1.3.1 (b)-sequencing

Sequence connectors provided: First, then, after that, next
(          A  Esther           : Mum, could you teach me on how to plant a sunflower?
(          B   Mother          : Sure, my dear. First, get a flowerpot and pour some soil into it.
(          A   Esther          : Then?
(          Mother              : Take this trowel and dig a small hole in the soil. After that put                                        a sunflower seed into the hole.
            Esther         : Okay. What's next?
            Mother        : Cover the hole with soil using the trowel. Let me place the
                                     flowerpot outdoors.  
Esther         : What should I do now?
      Mother         : Take a watering can and water the seed.

      Esther          : Okay, Mum!
     Mother         : Esther, where do you know on how to plant a sunflower?
     Esther          : I saw in a blog. My teacher posted in last week.
     Mother         : That is a good effort of you. Well done!

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