Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sajak kemerdekaan

Coretan Memerdekakan Perpaduan
446 tahun dahulu..
kamus kehidupanku terus dijajah
kesemua asetku telah rakus dilapah
sehingga satu detik bersejarah
tanggal 31 Ogos 1957

Malaysia tidak lagi ditangisi
dengan penderitaan dan keperitan
apabila pulangnya rombongan kemerdekaan
simbolik kemerdekaan dikecapi

satu gugusan paling unik di dunia
gabungan tiga kaum utama negara
Bersatu memacu mengukir nama

Wawasan 2020..
misi utama negaraku tercinta
ku semat erat amanah pejuang
meneruskan kemajuan di sebalik kemerdekaan
sematkanlah semangat jiwa merdeka

adakah betul kita merdeka?
bersatu dalam mengukuhkan perpaduan
bebaskan diri dari penjajahan mentaliti
menjadi seorang warganegara terbilang
meneruskan legasi bersama pemimpin cemerlang
merdeka tetap terus merdeka..

Nukilan: Shahrol Fahmie Suaidi

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The colours of SBE!

First of all, I would like to explain to you what is SBE. It is actually a programme specifically for teacher trainees to adapt the situation in school. To me, my second SBE was really fantastic and awesome as I can teach Year 1 students of SK Bandar Tenggara 1 for English subject. They really cooperate and enjoyed my lesson. I was asked by a teacher to assist him as he is still learning just like me. I was shocked at first because I need to teach phonemic to Year 1. Just imagine I have to produce clear pronunciation and correct way to produce the sounds. It was fun even though it was really tiring. The moments I wanted to enter 1 AMBAR class, a student came to me and asked, "Sir, may I go to the toilet". I was touched indeed as he respects all teachers including this "new" teacher. It was really fun to see all the kids were so eager to answer my questions as I need to handle phonemic class with some of my friends. I conducted the class quite well as our headmaster saw it. It was also an exciting day to go as it was my last day at the school. We just have four days to accomplish our SBE. The day before, I was asked to entertain the students as the teacher got to buy something and I taught them "noun" and "adjective". They were so eager to make fruit salad as the teacher had prepared it. I told them how to describe an apple (noun) and suddenly a smart boy said, green apple!I could not describe how I feel on that moments. It was a strike to me as a new person in education field. All of them were so excited to shake my hand and I have to compliment their teachers as they managed to educate the students to respect the teachers. Congratulations teachers! I was so touched as all of them enjoyed to participate in the class as they enunciate all the words enthusiastically. How I wish I could be like them in my era as they were so lucky to have a new syllabus of KSSR. It was really enjoyable, effective and practical guide to be followed. I will never forget the moments when they called me as "Sir Shahrol".HAHAHA..

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