Friday, July 24, 2015

Allah is too kind for His slaves

Salam to all dear readers. There are some stories that I think I must share so that we can learn something and be more grateful. Sometimes, we are just too comfortable with our life and we could not see why some events happened to us. These are all the true stories that might trigger you to be more grateful and appreciate what you have in life.

Story 1: I wanted to drive back to my house and then suddenly my car stopped in the middle of the road.  I was panicked and asked help from my friend. I knew that I should blame myself that I delayed to fill my car's fuel. I pushed my little car aside as it will be an obstacle for other cars to go through. I waited around 15 minutes as my friend could not go out to help me. I rest my case. I remembered that I should not start the engine many times as it will ruin the starter system. Guess what, I just pray and the car was on! I drove the car just to get to the nearest petrol station. After that, the car stopped. No more fuel. It was like a miracle but it is what had happened. Alhamdulillah.

Story 2: I wanted to eat something at Indonesia airport (before fltying back to Malaysia). I did not know the price was really high compared to other places. I have finished all my Rupiah money and I wanted to cancel the order after the cashier declined my RM (Ringgit Malaysia). Suddenly, there was a kind-hearted Indonesian who paid for my meal. I was shocked and said thank you to him. He smiled and said, "It's okay". I was alone as I will be going back to Malaysia at that time. 

Story 3: I drove a car to go back to my house at Pasir Gudang. It was a dark night until I assumed that I will involve to an accident. I could not see the car from the other direction as it was very dull and dark. I managed to push my brake pedal even tough it was a real narrow escape. It was really close until I thought that I hit the car. Thank God that everything was fine. We were safe and Allah saved our life.

Story 4: Two times. I left my bank card in two different banks. First, I smiled at the auntie that I knew as she is working in my college. She spotted my bank card and gave it to my friend. Case closed. Another one is I really believe in kindness as someone returned my bank card after he saw it on the deposit machine. He looked for me and gave my bank card. Alhamdulillah.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Life as an IPG student .

  This year would be my final year before i work as a teacher. During my days, we just had one interview to be in the system. There are various words to describe about a student teacher as you will experience fatigue, confusion, and lots more. Some of you will be entering all IPG's all over the states as I should welcome you warm-hardheartedly. I have done my last practicum at SK Taman Bukit Dahlia as it was an awesome experience to deal with kids. They are adorable as kids are honest, love to learn and many more. 
  My programme will be ended on this November after 5 and half years of studying. We needed to learn the skills regarding on how to be a teacher whether you like it or not. You will know the term on BIG, PBS/ROSS and many more to come. All in all, you will experience 6 types of schools after semester 7. You will need to go to four different schools (based on your choice) as it will be a one week experience for you to conduct any experiment or assignment. As a teacher, the syllabus of IPG student would be definitely KSSR to be in line with the current system. You will be exposed with lots of sports skills, water rafting, survival skill and more. 
   Examination? You will experience it every semester and this is the system:


1. First class                :  3.75-4.00
2. Second class upper :  3.00-3.74
3. Second class lower :  2.00-2.99

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

On The Farm (Unit 12)

What are other animals that you have learned? Find out more here! Next, transfer the information into the i-think map as shown below. (refer to the bolded words)

Do you still remember about ostrich?
It is a bird with long legs, long neck and can run faster than a lion.The ostrich eats grass, seeds and sometimes lizards and insects. Ostriches lay very big eggs. Can you think about other characteristics? Look at this picture.

Do you still remember about the cat?
It has fur, eyes, legs, ears and a tail. It can run fast and jump around. It eats meat or fish. What else? Think more.

Last but not least, how about a camel? Do you like it? It lives in dessert. It has one pair of eyes, ears, a nose and a mouth. It has a tail and a hump on its body. It can gives us milk and meat. Some people use it for transportation.

What about these ? Remember about what you have learned.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Answers for worksheet (Year 2)

Thanks for visiting this page. Congratulations! These are all the clues and answers.

First task

* veterinarian(occupation)         * hospital (workplace)        *police station (workplace)   

 *barber (occupation)                 *school (workplace)          *grocer (occupation)

*chef  (occupation)                     *office (workplace)            *photographer (occupation) 

*bakery (workplace)
Second task

1. Look at the first picture. She is Madam Salina. Who is she?

2. Look at the second picture. He is Mr. Salim. Who is he?

3. Look at the third picture. She is Madam Zalina. What is she doing?

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