Monday, March 28, 2011

You describe this kind of life..

This is a real story. It is about a woman who advised  her friend not to do something bad in her house and from that moment, the story begun. She fall ill and her condition became worse day by day. She had no appetite at the moment but her stomach was getting bigger. After that, the other parts of her body shrivelled and her face looked totally different. She looked like a grandma who is pregnant without a baby. She hardly walk and just laid on her bed. She was sent to a hospital whereby the doctor cannot do anything as they said she was healthy. She cannot talk too much as her mouth contract. Just imagine a pretty young woman transforms into an old grandma in a blink of an eye. What if your mother become like that?That is not the point but I want you to describe this life in your own point of view. Then, her siblings tried traditional way as she hoped someone can help her because she did not want to suffer anymore. Her brother met someone who can helped his sister but the devil came into his dream. "Do not disturb my job as you will face the consequences". He was shocked as he did not want to sacrifice his life. The time passed by as she really suffered. The  medical staff had scanned everything but they did not find anything inside her stomach. With the permission of the God, she died and I cannot forget when I saw her eyes. The devil managed to do his job as she suffered until the end of her life. No one can close her eyes as her stomach remained like that. I was afraid if something happened and her stomach burst at any time but the God still love her. I really hope that someone who did this thing will repent and go back to the God as she actually had killed someone's life just because of world matter. I just wonder if I have no opportunity to repent before my death day. Can you imagine if you are the person who have not ready to see the God and died in such way?You answer it by yourself. I asked someone who is expert in religious and she told me that" the God gave the permission to the devil to end someone's life does not mean that HE does not love his slaves. This is because HE loved his slave as HE does not want her to suffer anymore. HE also promised that HE stated that those who died in such condition will be promised a heaven and all their sins will be vanished. Another perspective of life.

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