Saturday, November 13, 2010

A journey to uitm

23 MAY 2010: (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)
All of us were ready to go to Malacca state as early as 5.00 am. However, I was not so comfortable with the driver and I was so afraid that I will trouble him too much after this.Finallly, we arrived there at 11 pm and we were ready to register.It was nice when I was  the one who managed everything.Next, we went to Jebat’s college and that was my room (200106) and I was the one who held the room key.I tidied my room and then went for lunch.I met my room-mate and we didn’t know each other at that time.I still can remember his slang when he said.’’mu oghe mano?’’I met Azim for the first time when he tried to fix his locker and that was my kelantanese room-mate.I am positive thinker and hope everything will be okay even though hamk told me to be careful.First day in my mind was okay and everyone performed their prayer but the day after MDS, everything was ruined.I have to wake them up like a warden of hostel and that was so annoying especially  when I have to wake them everyday just because I have no space to perform my prayer.
We have MDS week and it was another valuable experience that I will not forget.We were gathered together to sing UITM’s song and that was so exciting.Then our seniors brought us to walk around UITM space and that was so tiring even that was not as big as Puncak Alam’s UITM.At last, we have our first day class and I was so excited although the day was rain.We shared one umbrella with five guys and ran to escape ourselves from rain.Wow!That was my first time to meet Johorean friends called Saif,Chapik and also Fendi.So, that was my last normal day and the day after that, we were getting mad!haha…they were so happy go lucky person especially Fuad and Saif.Fuad was someone that I met at volleyball  court and he was so funny compare to  the others.Chapik and Saif were kind-hearted person because they do not mind to give me any things that I wanted.His trademark was still in my mind when he always say,’oh my god….’  

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