Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So short..

This is a real story. His name is A. Just assume as A. He took his PMR on 2009 and after he had finished his examination paper, everything was changed. He is the only one in his family. However, he feels that his parents always give him trouble whereby he have to call them in order that they always go for outstation. He once said that he did not feel the love  from  his parents and he did not wanted to live anymore as he said life was meaningless and he can not do what ever he wanted to do. His parents actually really love their son and give anything that he wants. Anyway, he still does not appreciate it as he wants love and he perceives his life as a prison. He really wants prison from his parents and one day the God realized his dream. On his way to go back home, his friend and him met into an accident and it just because a car. His friend was badly injured and he just bumped into a rock. He still can stand at that point of time and all of the people around him were very surprised as he did not have any injuries. So, thank God. Then, at night, everything changed. He screamed and yelling like a mad man and the doctor said he have to be sent into ICU. There was a bleeding in his brain and he have to undergo an operation. His parents was very sad as they thought nothing happen to him. Next day, his father was so shocked when he just can see many pieces of skull because the doctor said the cranium of your son has cracked and we cannot save him. His father was speechless and his mother was very pathetic as she cannot accept the destiny. Her son was very young and she cannot stand with it. Imagine a person who can converse to you at noon but he died at night. Do you able to accept it in a short time?Everything happened in a blink of an eye and this is another lesson on how we perceive life. Appreciate life while you can.

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