Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tips to Jakarta and Bandung

I went to Indonesia last year because my friend had a chance to study there. It was my first time journey by flight. I had chosen Air asia as I managed to get quite low price for the flight fare. I booked on August and fly on November.  Let's start the journey.  I went to senai airport as I will fly from here. The journey took about two hours to go to Indonesia Soekarno airport and their time is an hour later than us. Make sure you will not be confuse when you arrive there and how you set your time here. Finally I arrived. After 2 hours and half. Amazing! They have a new airport maybe and my friend was there to fetch me. We went to Jakarta as it is the centre of Indonesia and fortunately my friend had rented a big house so that I can have a comfortable sleep. Guess what? The journey by using the bus almost took 3 hours to get there. I could see that all the tall buildings and congested traffic along the way. If you want to see my pictures, you can follow my instagram, Shahrolfahmie_sfs. The end of day 1.

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