Thursday, January 27, 2011

Unforgettable memory

Unforgettable memory
            I still remember when I enrolled to participate in S.I.R which stands for Spell-It-Right challenge. The moment I was sitting on my chair, waiting for my turn and I cannot stop myself from feeling anxious. There were uncountable number of people froze their eye on me. I felt even more nervous and there was that tingling sensation in my stomach. I guess it is true that I had butterflies in my stomach. Suddenly the host called out my name and I was star-struck and I realized that I was actually climbed to the stage. I cannot feel my legs as my heart was racing. I put my headset while trying to calm myself and hide my nervousness. I can see three cameras were pointing at my face as the audience may see me on the screen. The judges looked strict and it does not help me in gaining my calmness. After a brim of silence, I heard one of the judges spoke to me to spell a word. It was shocking to me to only hear her voice. The word feudal came out from her mouth. It was confident and I managed to spell the word correctly. However, the fear of not going through the next round took over me. All the judges were waiting for the finalist and I was so eager to answer the next word. No matter how, I expected that my word would be getting harder, and unexpectedly it materializes into reality. ‘Engourge’ was putting me in hot soup and I just spell the word as engorge. Actually I do not understand the spelling of the word and I simply tried my luck. I was eliminated from the competition and one of the finalist of second round had been chosen to represent our group for the final round. I was contented that I actually joined the hard racing competition. It was really an unforgettable memory in my life.

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