Saturday, December 15, 2012

Art of love

People nowadays seem to be very vocal regarding love. Actually some people know best how to express their love. Somehow, life does not allow it to happen. First thing first, we need to know the meaning of love. Love is a feeling to be loved and loving. In fact, we need to love our creator, almighty Allah. If you love Him, you will love those who love Him especially your prophet and His followers. Islam is the way of life. When you step in this world, you had an agreement with Him so that you can behave and appreciate your life. At that moment, you try to love your life in your mother's womb and cry when you step into a new life which is this world. Basically, we have known what is love since our era in a place called womb. Do not bluff if you never know what love is. Second, we need to love our prophet as he is the best human in this world. He is the last messenger and we should follow all his Sunnah. Why?Because he is also a human being that we can follow from the beginning of life until the day we die. Hopefully, faith is still in our body as the day we need to leave this world. Friends keep changing while family remains the same. Love your family members as hoping that you can unite as a family in Jannah. This is because some people do love their friends than their family. It is okay to love those who love us but we need to prioritize accordingly. Couple?Is there such term in Islam?No. Absolutely not. Couple just exist in marriage world. However, teenagers tend to pray for any couple without any legal relationship. They think they are the best by showing that they are much closer than married couple. Change you mind set people. They only love you for your lust. Satan is everywhere. The best thing is, pray for your future life. Pray for your partner to be. Pray for everything that you want the best in life because Allah had destined the best to you. You can change the destiny by His bless. Life is not all about praying by doing nothing. Make some efforts and pray for that to happen. Love is not the only way to allow your lust to be the king.  Love is something that you can create and put in your soul with bless. Understand love from Islam perspective if you are a Muslim. Put your love for Allah so that He can spread the love only for the bless.

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