Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Genting Highlands

Genting is one of the most exciting memories that I should not ever forget in my life. Cold environment as I expected. The journey took about 2 hours and half from Kajang station. 5 boys were heading to Genting by a rapid bus so called as an expert. Arrived and lined up to fly by "skyway". It took about 30 minutes to reach at the top of Genting. Hardly to breath as the height is increasing. Most people were so eager to play 36 games provided. Unfortunately, we just wasted our precious time by waiting and waiting. Firstly, we played a game just like a roller coaster as I forgot the real name. I don't think I would try it for the second time in my life as it was horrible. Life should not be scared. Enjoyment was at the end of the play. Lol!They were all screaming and I was speechless. Too scared to say any single word. We moved on to another game, whereby it just like a flying sway. Again, it was really high! The next game was about crazy spider-man. It was really crazy as we have to lay down our body and spin like a mad spider-man. It was really exciting. Only Allah knows how I feel at that time. Another game is called pirate ship. It was really pirate by the way. Again, height is the factor to scare people. In conclusion, Malaysians love to scream themselves including the one who writes this enttry. HAHAHA. 

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