Sunday, November 11, 2012

Do you know what is destiny?

  I have read an article entitled about rezeki as it was written by Imam Muda. So far as I know many people will only say, let him be..his/her rezeki. Forget it, its his/her destiny. Destiny is understood on how a person perceive it. Let's read about this story. It was told by the author who quoted one of the prophets who can communicate with animals. The prophet asked the ant whether he wants to have a supply for a sweet or not. Then, the ant replied, It's okay. I believe in ALLAH. I will only stay alive if Allah's will. Then, the prophet offered him to be give two sweets so that he can stay alive. Before that, the ant told the prophet that he will stay alive for about two months if he is given two sweets. 
  After two months, the prophet came back to visit the ant. He was so surprised as the ant would only ate half of the sweets. He scolded the ant as he lied to him. Then, the ant told him calmly, "I don't believe in human as I only believe in Allah. I'm afraid if you forget about me as destiny of death will come as you will not appear." The prophet now understood that Allah is the only determiner of destiny as no one can alter it even for a little thing. It does not mean that we have to be still and do not do anything to change our life as we have to. In Quran, it is stated that Allah will not change the fate of a person/community if they do not want to change. It is clearly stated that we need to change for a betterment or for our life as it will be determined by ALLAH SWT. He is the only god that we need to obey to ask for blessing and hope for His forgiveness. 

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