Sunday, November 11, 2012

Taubat is not an option

Many of us think that if we do something wrong, it is a destiny that we should let it go. Sometimes, it is not right as we need to think behind the bars. If we carry on doing sins, what kind of life that we are going to create? Is there any bless that we hope for? So, in this case, Taubat is not an option, it is an obligation. Allah has already planned the destiny as we need to think of what we did. If we commit something wrong, we need to repent as sincere as you can, as enthusiastic as you can. This is because life is all about bless. Once you did anything wrong, look back on your past life. Think of your future. Do you think you want to be as the same as a sinner all the time? What will be happening on your upcoming life? Do you think you are ready enough to meet the almighty ALLAH? Ask yourself so that you will know the answer as ALLAH loves those people who like to repent and enhance their Ibadah. As life goes on, we should assume Taubat as an obligation part in our life as every cloud has a silver lining. Maybe we are destined to do such sin so that we will not repeat it in future and improve our life to the betterment. Life is about making choices. The best decision maker would be you.

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