Sunday, November 11, 2012

The sweetness of "Usrah"

  One of the members in my usrah told us that usrah is just like a person who drives a car and need to fill the fuel every time that person wants to have a journey. So, life should be represented as a journey and we need iman (symbolizes as usrah) to survive. Nowadays, life seems so hard as we are exposed to variety of media and types of sins in every aspect in life. Committing sins are just like a new trend for trendy teens and they have adopted in life. However, they tend to forget religion as the basic principals in life. Besides, those people who want to strengthen Islam are said to be narrow-minded as they are not as up to date as theirs. They prefer to have enjoyment in life rather than praying in the Mosque or Surau because they will say that Islam is not all about praying together. Yes, you are right. That is not the point, it is just the bless from the almighty ALLAH.
  We have a lot of things to be discussed in Islam as not many of us are able to understand all aspects of Islam in life. So, in usrah, we will be having presentation for every week as we need to give our understanding to the others as we can discuss deeply on what we do not understand for particular matter. It will be hosted by our own members in usrah and led by a naqib. Naqib will act as a leader and actively participate in the discussion and make a conclusion from every members in usrah. Actually, we will not do something rare in Islam as our main objective is to strengthen our faith. Sometimes, we have known that matter but the thing is, we tend to forget something that we have left it for a long time. So, it is the time for us to know and knowing what we do not know. 
  There are many thing that we can discuss in Islam as we have to be an open minded person. Some people would only accept Islam from Jemaah in a Mosque and do not appreciate some preaching in television or any programme. The thing is some people may possess same colour of hair but different type of heart. As stated in Quran, there is one and only organ in your body that will determine your behaviour called heart. Believe me, if you do not have any usrah member, try to find one. Try to find a Naqib. Try to form usrah and try to strengthen your faith for your own sake of life. May ALLAH bless you friends.

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