Monday, November 12, 2012

Nice thing to share.

A white man asks: "why shouldn't women in Islam a handshake with a man?"

Sheikh replied: "can you shake hands with Queen Elizabeth?

White man replied: "Oh of course it shouldn't be! Only certain people can shake hands with the Queen. "

A smiling Sheikh & said: "our women (the Muslims) is the Queen of &, the Queen should not shake hands with a man carelessly (which is not an unmarriageable person)."

White man ask again, "why Islamic women cover their hair and body?"

Sheikh smiled and got 2 chocolate, he opened the first one continues to the other closed. He threw them to the floor the dirtier.

Sheikh asks: "If I asked you to take one chocolate, where you choose?"

White man replied: "that is closed ..."

Sheikh said: "that's the way we treat our women and see."

White man replied: "Wow Islam is Amazing ..." 

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