Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Journey to Kedah for e-PPDa 2009

It was a year ago but I still remember how the event occurred for e-PPda this time. Again, it was so   surprising, fun but too tiring. We moved around 10 a.m from PPD and arrived at SMK Teknik at Kedah.
The competition was still  the same but this time there were many new faces that represented respective states. In fact, Alang is our new member because Adi had moved to another school. Heh! so treachery! He still represented his new school to fight with us. Luckily we still win.Haha..then we were instructed to go to a big room to make the power point. Unfortunately, Kedah and Kelantan had the same problem. All of them cannot put any kind of videos and it just turned into green!What a fish!
One of our judges told us to be patient or our competition will be cancelled!ha??such a long journey to arrive there but it want to be cancelled just like that?huh!
In fact, we used our own laptop and then we managed to finish our work as planned. We also presented but a bit technical problems had occurred and lastly we managed to get the third place. Maybe the judges did not want to see the same faces every year. Anyway, where there is a will, there is a way. This is we call as life. It was better to get something than nothing. 
We went back to Johore with new hope even though I will not represent my school again for sure.
Congrats to Malacca as a new winner and still Perak cannot go further and stay maintained in the second place. Perak is for the second place maybe??haha. Just kidding..
Once again we went for shopping and tried to buy any kind of souvenirs as much as we can. Meanwhile, our ICT teacher could not follow us and thanks to Cikgu Aidah as our kind motivater. Early of December she will leave our school and there is nothing that I can say except thanks a lot!

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