Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mr. Panish or Mr. Punish?

Most my friends were busy to complete the exercises given by Mr. Panish. White hair, white skin, classic style, Mercedes user, mix and slow talker. That is him. Grammar was his favourite part to teach and of course to detect any errors among us. If not, your arm or you stomach will be pinched nicely! Mr. Panish is our English teacher and he is very strict especially about grammar. He does not care who you are and how excellent are you as long as you have to master in grammar. That is his rule. 
I still remember all of us had to finish an article and grammar exercises. All of us were afraid if we make any mistake and become his victims. Haha...and we will make sure all of the answers were checked first before we send to him. Such a coward. Hahahaha. This is because silly mistakes will  make our skin become of my friends stretched his face and closed his eyes as he made silly mistakes. He got a gift from our beloved teacher!The gifts were  pain and lecture. Hahahaha. During that time, I was afraid to send my essay as he will scan every word that I have written for sure.
Anyway, I found that he is one of the best teacher that I ever met because a basic is very important to be excellent in a subject. For example, if we know a rule, we can take a long journey by ourselves such as writing. How come you can write an essay if you do not know its rule?Same goes to English. Mr. Panish punished us for our own goodness and of course for our future. As a result, I got 37 over 40 for paper 1 in grammar part for PMR (just as a lesson not to show off). Well, thanks to Mr. Panish!Since then, I have bought many grammar books to show my love to Mr. Panish..hahaha..

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