Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SPA's interview..

SPA...hmm,,many of us knew about that actually. In fact, most of us want to get the any position in SPA. Same goes to me, I just wanted to try my luck so that I can be MA( Medical Assistant) if I did not received any offer. It was a long journey as well as I have to online and then go for interview. 
Monday, I have to escape again from PLKN and go for interview. There were a lot of people whom I met to get the same position as me and I were told that just two positions left for MA. 
Actually MA has various benefits as we will get from the government. Basically, I just wanted to know my level whether I can be accepted in medical field or not. The moment  I entered the room was very suspicious as two interviewers were ready to "eat" me.Haha..Then, many questions burst from their mouths as I knew the signs that both of them will call me. How do I know?My instinct.There were numerous of medical questions that I should answer such as how to manage a collapse person and etc.
Then, I met a friend whom tried another position and his result was not bad, he was okay and he entered matriculation college before. Anyway, SPA is better in his opinion and he accepted. Me?No. I cannot received it as I got an offer from IPG and I think there are many people out there who deserve it. I felt guilty because I blocked other's chance. Anyway, I have gone through the examinations as well as the interview. It was fun and I think it helped me to be more mature in future. In my opinion, we have to think of many chances in our life. Then, we can choose the best because that is our own future. Not someone's else. Make hay while the sun shines. (20:12 PM)


  1. Salam, haha, WHEN did you actually took part in the interview session? Just recently? O.O

  2. Wslm Munah,nope it was about in May I think..hehe..long time ago...huhu~


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