Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The day I got the yellow letter from PLKN was not too good.Hahaha!It just normal actually when one of my my family was the coach or trainer of PLKN. I had some info about PLKN and especially the procedure to escape.Haha. I went to PLKN Teluk Sari which was very far away!
Then we arrived there and ready for registeration and all that. My company was Charlie and I met one of my sis's friend whom are a trainer as well. Basically, I just finished my days at PLKN almost 29 or 30 days only as I have to go for interviews many times. I was the one who got many holidays!haha. In fact, I still got the allowance,thanks government.
Anyway, in PLKN, we have to march under a very hot sun, Kembara Halangan, and many more. Sometimes interesting sometimes not. This is because if you can find nice friends, you are the happiest person then. I still remember when some of us gathered and ate Maggi together. Just Maggi and it was nice actually. Everything we must do in groups and this is how they teach us to be united as Malaysians whomever who you are.
Furthermore, PLKN is just like a huge hostel and use rule like this;if someone make mistake, everybody will face the consequences. Then, this pro gramme wants to unite us into a tighter relationship as we know 1Malaysia concept. Many challenges that I had to face and I still remember the moment I had to climb up and climbed down from a very high place. Alhamdulillah I am still alive. I gained many new experiences as well as meaning of friendship and no matter how we are, we are still Malaysians. Lots of money had been invested to conduct this pro gramme and as a future trainer, use this opportunity wisely. Good luck!for 2011 trainer, you have to register on second January I think.Wish you all the best.
Last but not least, thanks to my best friends, Rhaga, Kechik, Ikmal, Pie, Alip, Hamk, Naz, Belon, Paat and those who know me at PLKN Teluk Sari second intake.Thanks for being my friends.

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