Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My icon teacher?

There is a teacher that I think he is one of the best teacher I ever met. You know what?He just been posting to my school and for his first year, he managed to bring our school to national level. First in our  history. He always looks very tidy and smart even though in the field. His writing is better than some other girl teacher. So tidy and neat!He is very careful in doing something and I have to say that he is so fussy!haha..anyway, If I were a teacher, I must follow him. He always be save, careful and being moderate all the time. His works are perfect and creative for sure. Silent does not mean that he is nothing but he vigorously thinking of something!Nice to see you..may Allah bless your job and I still remember we went back home at 11.50 p.m just to make sure everything is perfect for e-PPDa. Well done guys! Cgu Aidah is also one of my icon teacher as she is the most kind hearted and calm teacher. She managed to think rationally at any time and I think her spirit helped us a lot!Her deeds to us will not be forgotten forever. From district to national state, she still with us to conduct his duty as teacher, friend and motivator to us. Thanks! 


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