Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My English teachers..

I have written about my icon teacher and now it is the time to write about my English teachers. Until now, I had a big number of English teachers  whom taught me about English. Anyway, I still remember Teacher Zira, Miss June, Mr. Shanmuganathan, Madam Ervina, Madam Siti,Madam Nurul, Miss Cindy, Sir Fuad, Sir panish.. who else??Hmm...and now I still learning English with my English lecturers.
There were many incidents that happened in my school related my English teachers when I saw Miss June thrown away some books, Teacher Zira punished us to march..hahaha. Interesting and I assume it as colours of life. We cannot be too comfortable in a time to achieve success and I still remember the tag line "Strive for success" in Explorace  competition. I start to love English when I was in form one where I have to speak English to make sure everyone can get what I want to say. Grammar is my favourite part and also literature.
English is not just to study but we can still use various ways to study English. We participated in drama, poem and games to enhance our English and the best thing in my life is to participate in NST Spell It Right challenge. This is my journey of life and I will use this language until the end of my life as I will become an English teacher in future. I still remember when we unite to practice in drama competition and even though we just got second place in district level, it was more than good enough I think. 
Madam Ervina gave us truckload of chocolates as we won a game that she created and there was a sir who always punish us if we cannot master in grammar. His name is Mr. Panish and that is why he always punish us..hahaha..

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