Wednesday, December 15, 2010

PLKN part two..

There are truckload of memories that I cannot forget about PLKN although I just stayed there not until two months. Honestly, I cannot recognize all people there and I just know some of them only. The one that I cannot forget until now is "Hantu gg". How they can call him so?I also do not know!Haha..
In my room, it consists of 15 people if I am not mistaken and luckily they were kind-hearted and considerable person. This is how we adapted PLKN's mission. When I went back home, my Indian friend, Rhaga, folded all my shirts that I left for him. I was speechless because I just asked him to take my clothes before night. As a result, he had done more than I expected. Friendship is more valuable than gold. Fair-weather friend?Not Rhaga.
"Hantu gg"?I still remember when there was an incident where he did something weird in bath room. Let's forget about that. I just cannot forget this incident from my memory when he dragged himself because he did not wanted to join us to do "Tali Tinggi". Luck was not with him at that time when our coach called those who did not perform that day and the event is replaced with "Flying Fox". 
I was not there actually and from what I heard he kept calling "mak" along the way to climb the stairs and yelling at the same time. His shirt was burst with sweat and he cried as well. So pity.. but at the same time it realized me that zeal can face anything even though we are afraid to achieve something. Maybe height is not his favourite thing in his life but congrats to him and he managed to fly bravely.Haha..some people would say that the coach is a mean person but to me it just okay because if not, he still does not know that he himself be able to do more than he expected through his ability.
Besides that, he was able to donate his blood even all of us assumed him as a coward but still I think to donate blood, it is not a simple job. He gained his bravery and found his true self at PLKN. His tiny, small body does not mean that he cannot do something challenging but he proved more than expected. May all of us get the moral values from this story. Different people will think that it just a funny story when a coward entered to PLKN but those intelligent will take this as a lesson and  start believing to themselves.
Roughly, KN class was boring..the food was not really tasty as they have to serve for thousands people in a camp. Discipline and unity are the best words to describe PLKN and memory is the best word to remember for the rest of our life (for PLKN trainers). Sharing foods, helping each other to wash clothes, chatting and sharing problems are all memories. They are the one who make you laugh and will make you feel sorrow when you have to carry on your own life. At that moment, you will find that world is not fair as when you find happiness with them, you have to sacrifice it and say good bye.

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