Friday, December 17, 2010


What is your expectation about cashier?I am a cashier before in a huge mall called Econsave (just assume as a large mall). Being a cashier is not as easy as you think. You have to play with money, emotion, kind of fussy people everyday! When it comes to calculate money, it will become the most exciting part to me as I have to wait for the result whether the amount of income money is tally with the sale. If the money that I keep is not balance, I will be dead meat and really in hot soup. My cashier allowance worth RM 150 will be deducted just like that if there is any short or extra. Balance is the best word to be heard among cashiers.
One day, I saw an uncle who bought some wains and I just ignored him as I had to manage his payment. I was really new at that time and just recently open my own counter. I was confused and just did what I suppose to do. In my heart, "just settle the bottles and finish your work". I felt guilty but  that was my duty. For the second time, I had to use plastics to hold a quite number of wain bottles and it was definitely strange. The customer just smile and understood my action I thought.Haha.
There were numerous stories about cashier and I still cannot forget about this man. I had to settle two trolleys and scanned everything but at the end, still I had to wait for the payment because he did not have enough money. What the fish!Haha...I just smiled and settled his payment. Next, there was an auntie who was very serious and because of that...she left her clothes!I ran out from the counter and tried to get her but she disappeared. Do not be too serious until you left your clothes auntie. So pity.
After the incident, I met an Indian guy who had many credit cards. He gave me four cards but in fact, it cannot be used. A lot of credit cards do not promise anything.Haha. To me, credit card holders are not as rich as I thought before because they owe some money from the bank first. Anyway, there is no wrong to use credit card for safety aspects.
As a cashier, we were told that some goods have their own code that needed to be decode such as gel, milk, shampoo and etc. Unfortunately, I forgot to decode one of my customer's goods. Guess what happen?tit............a long siren sounded and proudly I saved her (just act professionally). She was shocked as she had committed a crime.Hahahaha.
This duty is quite good for those who like money as you have to count money everyday. In fact, I can get RM 7 to 8 thousands in a day just for one counter. However, do not think that you can take even one cent because CCTV is everywhere.Hehe. Waiting for customer is boring and I just play with the plastic bags as well as the cute chair to move around. Trying to remember some specific codes are quite annoying as it cannot be scanned manually. We have to memorize the codes instead of scanning such as kuew teow, meat and etc. Being a cashier teach me how to handle people and think out of the box of something happened in my life. 

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